Photo Editor and Photographer. Member of the Ästhetik & Kommunikation editorial department. Based in Berlin.

Video ergo sum.

Sarah Schimmang, born in Neuwied (Germany), works as a photo editor for Raufeld Medien. She started as a photo editor for the magazine „Maxi“, and then became the head of photo for the German issue of „InTouch Style“ (both Bauer Media Group). From 2018 until 2020 she worked for the corporate publishing agency Rethink. Sarah studied photography at the Ostkreuzschule in Berlin in the class of Ute Mahler. In 2012 she graduaded with her work „Die Milchbriefe“. Sarah lived in Tokyo for one year to study Japanese. She loves music from Arcade Fire, Beirut and The Juan MacLean, films like „Enter the Void“ by Gaspar Noé and „Melancholia“ by Lars von Trier, and books from David Foster Wallace and Bret Easton Ellis.